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Our Mission

The Lone Star Shooting Association was founded by a group of American and European shooters with three aims in mind:

 1. Build a set of easy 3 gun match rules (including airsoft replicas), with the objective of creating safe, easy scoring and fast resetting of stages (impossible with other 3 gun rules).

 2. Build a tool for public and political awareness.  Used to spread legal, responsible possession of firearms and the right to use firearms in a practical manner suitable for self defense, especially in those countries where such shooting sport matches are not permitted.

3.  LSSA will fund projects for the preservation of gun rights around the world.

LSSA Gun Rights Activity

LSSA is now a Gold Sponsor of the SAF Training Division

LSSA Founder manned SAF booth at Texas International Firearms Festival

LSSA Founder published on IAPCAR Website

LSSA Founder dedicates new shooting range in Italy to Marte Zanette

LSSA Founder spoke to Gun Rights Congress in Moscow, Russia

LSSA joins Tweet Mob in opposition to Italian 204/2010 corrections before the XIV Commission

LSSA produced video for Italian gun rights battle

LSSA Founder speaks at Alvin TEA Party Patriots Day of Resistance gathering.

LSSA Endorses NRA School Shield Program

LSSA Founder publishes Rebuttal to ANPAM

LSSA mentioned in 3rd Quarter 2012 REPORTER published by Second Amendment Foundation

LSSA added PayPal button to home page where people can donate or pay membership fees.

LSSA president speaker at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Orlando, Florida.

LSSA produced video of congratulations for the defeat of 79/2012 law in Italy

LSSA produced video opposing amendments to 79/2012 law in Italy

LSSA joins the International Association for the Protection of Civilian Arms Rights (IAPCAR)

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